Awakening - It's a FREE 374 pages book on awakening, transformation and God-realisation. It brings light on what's happening right now here on earth

Awakening to Oneness with All That Is

“Awakening is a process where you wake up from the dream to reality. Life this way is so ordinary that it is extraordinary. One feels that is how one has always been.” ~ Sri Amma Bhagavan.

It's a 374 pages book on awakening, transformation and god-realisation. It brings light on what's happening right now here on earth, to our society and to the collected human consciousness as we are moving into the Golden Age.

The book is a collection of the teachings given by Sri Amma Bhagavan from the Oneness University. The aim is to support and bring clarity to your awakening process as more and more are going through this transformation now. Awakening is a neurological shift happening in the brain resulting in a shift of perception and quality of live.

It is a book for both newcomers and people already involved in the Oneness Movement. The book is to answer commonly asked questions on awakening. And to support your own process.

The book covers topics from how to create healthy relationships, what is our conditionings and where do they come from and how to be liberated from those conditions. How the mind works, emotions, the purpose of life, how to deepen your state of awakening, create more abundance, health, karma, awareness... and many other teachings. Including how-to pray and to be the creator of your life, talking with your divine, grace, miracles... and what stops us from manifesting our dream.

As consciousness rises, there is greater awareness, joy, love, togetherness, and focus in everything that you do and experience.

The central understanding of Oneness is that inner transformation and awakening into higher states of consciousness is not an outcome of a mere intellectual understanding but through a shift in consciousness whereby one’s experience of life is redefined at its core. As you grow in consciousness, less will disturb you and your inner tranquility. You feel one with all that is. 

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