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Shri Bhagavan has in the past suggested that praying for each other

will be helpful in moving more fully into Community.   

This Oneness Prayer/ Deeksha Circle is intended to provide another way for us to support each other through prayer and deeksha.  

Please feel free to post prayers for yourself or for others that you care about.

This is a private group only accessible to those who choose to join. Each member will be able to post prayer requests at any time in the "Comments" section. Members can alternatively choose to  select the "Send Message to Group" (you must be signed in) option to the right and above the icons, which will send an individual email, with the prayer request, to all other members of the Group... or you can do both. Responses to "Prayer Requests" can be posted here as well.  Silent prayers and/ or deeksha are equally appreciated and welcome with out needing to post anything.

Also..If you click the "Follow New Members" link located under the photos/icons in the Group, you will automatically receive an email whenever a new posting appears in the "Comments"

It may take some time for this to catch on however I hope folks will see the power & potential in this.

Any ideas, suggestions or questions may be forwarded to:



Oneness Prayer Circle Group Link

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