OM SRI PARAMJYOTI VARA SIDDHI POOJA (To Receive Boons from the Phenomenon)

(To Receive Boons from the Phenomenon)

You may participate in this ritual remotely, with your name being read out by the monks performing the pooja. For those who are unable to travel for the OM SRI PARAMJYOTI AISHWARYA DEEKSHA, you may still register for the pooja to bring Boons to your life. 

The Following are the benefits of this Varasiddhi Pooja

  1. To receive the boon one ask through the Aishwarya Deeksha

  2. For fulfillment of  Desires

  3. For Financial Growth

  4. For Good Health

  5. For Happy Relationships

  6. For Spiritual Growth

This ritual happens immediately after the AISHWARYA DEEKSHA . The names of the participants will be chanted in front of the Golden Orb and special prayers done for the participants .

Individual:                                 $115 USD 
Family ( Up to 4 People ):        $300 USD 
(For every additional person from the family: $115 USD)
Pooja will be performed Nov 30, in several batches throughout the day.
Rituals are not broadcast online. You may tune in through meditation.

If there are any instructions for prayers, they will be emailed to you the day before the pooja. If you do not receive an email, this is because you are to just be in your own prayer and meditation to receive the blessings.

November 28, 2016 at Midnight, Eastern Time
***IMPORTANT!!  Registration is a 2-Part Process***

You must complete both parts below to be included in the ritual. Please take care, as refunds are difficult and not guaranteed.
  1. Fill out the form and pay at this link: 
  3. You will receive a receipt from paypal in your email within a couple of minutes. This must be forwarded to us, typing also the name of Person #1 from registration. We need this ASAP for our bookkeeping, to match payments (account name) to participants.*  Forward to (Click, or copy and paste to avoid typos.) 
If you do not do both the above steps, we cannot include you in the ritual.
*If you don't receive an emailed receipt from Paypal within a few minutes, please check Spam/Junk folders and/or Gmail Tabs, etc. You may need to contact PayPal directly. We must receive a copy of your receipt, showing the name of your Paypal account (sometimes this is a business name or the name of another person), as well as the name of Person #1. Often people don't correctly remember the name their paypal account is under, so we must be able to see the receipt at our office for verification.
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