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Sri Bhagavan on Expectation

Pain is not only in not getting what you wanted, but in getting what you want too.  Human relationships have turned painful and stifling due to constant expectations.  “Expectation when not fulfilled is pain, it leads to frustration and hatred.  Expectation when completely fulfilled also is pain; it leads to boredom.  Hence most relationships become old and insipid.  We thereafter search for new pastures in the need for fulfillment and pleasure.  The very process of expectation is pain.  Life appears to be one long process of waiting.”

(Vara Deeksha Mala)

Venue:   The Temple of the Supreme Light (Oneness Temple), India
Date:   November 25th and November 30th
Time:   9 am to 5 pm
Entry:   Free
Dress code:   White

It gives us immense pleasure to announce about the Varadeeksha Mala. This year Varadeeksha Mala is known as OM SRI PARAMJYOTI AISHWARYA DEEKSHA (Deeksha for receiving the Wealth we want)

Any one desire that you want.

The participants would come and take deeksha from the Supreme Light for their desire. They will be given a Sadhana to acquire the boon they want, which they have to practice after going home for 21 days or 42 days. Each one will be given a unique Sadhana depending on their problem and desires. This will be a Divinely chosen Sadhana for the person. As the person does the Sadhana their desire would get fulfilled and they would receive the boon they had prayed for.

NOTE: There is no Sadhana before attending the Aishwarya Deeksha and also there is no mala (Pendant).

Come and Partake in this special Aishwarya Deeksha at the Temple of the Supreme Light and experience the immense Grace to clear all the obstacles before the end of the year 2016 and have a Grace filled Abundant 2017!


1. Please Register in advance if you are going to participate in this
   Om Sri Paramjyoti Aishwarya Deeksha.

2. If you need accommodation in our campuses, you need to book in advance.

Accommodation Charges:
GC2 – 70 USD Per person per Day (Equivalent in Indian rupees inclusive of food)
Campus 3 – 200 USD Per Person Per Day (Equivalent in Indian rupees inclusive of food)

3. Contact your country guide or the person in charge in your country for registration and accommodation.

4. The participants should report on the morning of the Deeksha Day
  (Nov 25th or 30th) in GC2 Campus and receive the entrance token.
  Entrance token is free.

   Morning Batch: From 6 am till 10.30 am
   Evening Batch: From 10.30 am till 2 pm

5. Last Date for Registration – 10th Nov 2016.

6. While you register for the Aishwarya Deeksha , please provide the
   following details
a. Name , Gender, Age, Country, Email id
b. Date and time of arrival in the campus
c. Mention whether you need Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner on arrival
d. Also mention whether you need accommodation in the campuses, if yes please mention the name of the campus and also the departure date and time.
A sacred and profound 21 stage journey of spiritual awakening into the higher realms of consciousness and oneness, ultimately leading to oneness with the Supreme Light. This journey involves training and preparation which includes: Esoteric teachings, Ancient practices, processes, meditations and rituals at the Temple of the Supreme Light.
Stage 1 – November 3rd to 25th
Stage 2 – November 30th to December 22nd
Dates include arrival and departure.
For registration -
A Devotional song celebrating Oneness and Sacredness of Life
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