Your Way Meditation Every Tuesday - 5:30 to 6:30 - Santa Fe, Bob & Karen's

Your Way Meditation Every Tuesday - 5:30 to 6:30

Hi Everyone,
This meditation group is open to anyone wishing a peaceful break.  It is non-guided with soothing music.  There is a gentle "gong" timer set for 7 minute intervals.  This is for anyone wishing to do Golden Orb Deeksha.  The gong also permits others to continue meditating in their own way without interruption.  Also, the first 10 minutes is a time for anyone wishing to share a miracle to do so.This is followed by 7 minutes of just quiet breathing to relax or connect.  The meditation continues with three 7-minute intervals for the Golden Orb Deeksha givers.  Then, 7 minutes of Shavasana.  Prayer requests are written on a paper and placed in a container in the center of the circle where meditators can focus their attention on them.
We are located at 2206 Carmello Way off of Paseo De Los Chamisos.  Look for the Tree of Life on the gate.  
Please park in the lot or along the railroad ties so as to not block access by emergency vehicles.
We hope to see you on Tuesday.
Bob & Karen

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