From Sri Amma:  "There is always a special place in my heart for those who are
dedicated to the cause of liberation of humanity.  Remember,  your thoughts are
 known to you alone.  Your words are known to you and the listener which nonetheless
 are forgotten with the passage of time.  While the service you render alone shall
    stay for eternity. It will benefit all life."

May   3   Jan Lanning

          10  Lynnessa  (Evenings in Oneness)6:00
                        This includes the 7-8 meditation/blessing time too.

          17   Jennifer Noyes

          24    Linda Smarrella

          31    Buck Rhodes

June    7    Jennifer Noyes

            14    Lynnessa (Evenings in Oneness)6:00
       This incl. the 7-8 meditation./blessing time too
           21   Buck Rhodes
           28   Linda Smarrella

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