21 Conditions

21 Conditions   (downloadable MS Word link)

21 Conditions


Awakening is to be free of the mind.These 21 points are like ropes holding up the mind.

As you become aware of each point, the ropes are being cut, making the “self” dissolve quickly.

For all these points there are 3 ways to help you grow.

¨ Practice externally these conditions in your daily life where ever possible.

¨ Become aware that you do not have these qualities. Only then is there a possibility of getting this.

¨ Pray and ask AmmaBhagavan or your personal Divine to give you these qualities. (Prayer would be answered only when you have a bond with your personal Divine or Amma/Bhagavan)


1. Lack of Passion

Difference between passion and desire: A desire can be dropped. But passion cannot. You live to have this. Desire can turn into passion if you know the gravity and need for it. To have passion for awakening, you must first understand that you are suffering.  Become aware how you lack passion

The three types of suffering are:

Physical - when needs of body are not met, you will have physical suffering

Psychological - as long as you have the mind, you will have psychological suffering. When any of the 6 needs of the mind are denied you will have suffering.




Need to be loved

to love



Spiritual Suffering

To exist is suffering. Suffering without any reason. The sense of separation is this suffering. All suffering is only coming from spiritual suffering. Its an alienation between man and man, man and God.

The equation for suffering is: Spiritual + psychological + physical = constant

The constant is not a constant, and is dependent on the amount of separation one experiences in their life at any given time.

The constant must come down to zero that is when suffering comes to zero. The constant depends on the alienation one is having with man or God. As you become closer to God the constant reduces.


2. Lack of Forgiveness

To see how you are unable to forgive others who have caused you hurt. Forgiveness is very important quality you should develop. By being hurt you are torturing yourself. Holding hurt is a torture. See how it is a torture to yourself. Become aware of the lack of forgiveness. Pray to Amma and Bhagavan asking them to help you to forgive.


3. Lack of Seeking Forgiveness

you are not seeking forgiveness from others. Many occasions you have hurt others some time unaware even when aware you explain and not ask for forgiveness. You are trying to justify your point. Become aware how you lack seeking forgiveness.


4. Sensitivity

Because of the chatter of the mind the senses are not able to experience anything . We are all the time thinking about ourselves and we are not sensitive to other peoples feeling and priority. Become aware of your insensitivity.


5. Relationships

when ever you are relating to people , things and subjects it is life as long as it is pleasant. Whenever things become unpleasant you would shut down that relationship. Slowly becoming dead to relationships. This is can be called non-relationship. Become aware of lack of relationship.


6. Inner Integrity

To learn to be honest to ourselves. Lying to others is not such a big deal, but the moment we lie outside, we try to lie to ourselves inside. One lie outside is a thousand lies to ones self. The lies you have spoken to yourself has moved you away from your real you. Become aware of lack of inner integrity.


7. Life Review

Start seeing how you hurt others. If a person cannot see their faults in life, and how they affected others, it is very difficult to grow. So review your life.


8. Confronting Fear

There are 2 kinds of fear – Biological - this is an inbuilt mechanism of the body to protect you and you don’t need to do anything about it.

Psychological fear – 4 kinds – fear of failure, rejection, future, unknown - confront it

9. Acceptance

To be able to accept one self. We always find somebody responsible for our suffering. Turn inward and see who you are and accept that. Then you will be at peace with everything. To accept your role in society or the system. However small it could be, however insignificant it could be.


10. Craving for significance

One of the greatest obstacles to spiritual growth is the craving for significance. It is the nature of the self to crave for importance in all things. Become aware of the craving for significance


11. Humility

To become aware of lack of humility you have in your life. To realize that in life you are the part of the whole and are very insignificant would help you to grow. Most people feel as though they understand everything. Humility is necessary for awakening, for awakening is something you receive; not achieve. Become aware of lack of humility.


12. Sacredness

Modern civilization thinks it can understand and explain everything. Which loses the mystery of life, which is joy, awe, and sacred. Humanity’s explanation has killed the mystery and sacredness of life. The “All that is” can never be understood. God is unknowable. When you can realize this, you start feeling sacred towards the Divine and all of life. The greatest knowing is that you truly can never know anything. Become aware of lack of sacredness


13. Divine Hand in Life

Becomes aware of how there is a Divine hand in your life.


14. Bond with AmmaBhagavan

To establish a personal bond with AmmaBhagavan. To get in touch with the Divine Phenomenon of awakening that AmmaBhagavan are brining into this planet one would have to feel connected to AmmaBhagavan. The stronger the Bond the more the Divine Grace you experience. When you have Bond things will happen faster. Do you have a strong bond? Become aware of lack of Bond


15. Lack of Faith

To become aware of the lack of faith you have towards the process and AmmaBhagavan. To see how the mind tells various stories of how awakening cannot, or will not happen to you. To realize that it is happening all around the planet to thousands of people, and will happen to you. To become aware of lack of faith.

16. Surrender

To see the condition of the mind and become helpless. To know you cannot do anything to get there, and you need the Divine to help you. Surrender is to realize that there is nothing more you can do about it. When you are helpless the divine will help you. If you are desperate you are lost. Become aware of lack of surrender.


17. Lack of Gratitude (quality)

We take life for granted and give it a frame as responsibility and duty.Become aware of lack of gratitude


18. Seva

To spend time helping others. The greatest seva is helping in others awakening. Become aware how you don’t make use of opportunities to do seva.


19. Compassion

To see how you lack compassion.

When you focused to achieve something without distraction for yourself, that is passion. If you have the same passion to fulfill other persons desire, that is compassion.


20. Praising the Divine or AmmaBhagavan

Every scripture speaks about praising the Divine. When we praise Divine you will receive abundance of Grace


21. Formal Gratitude to the Divine:

We many times say “lord you have done so much for me how can I express my gratitude”, saying this we escape. To one of the devotee, his Antharyamin Bhagavan told him it is true at a deeper level you cannot do anything, but in the physical plane you are living with me, so express your gratitude formally. By doing this you are binding me and I am compelled to do a favour for you. Your personal relationship grows.

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