5 Prerequisites

The 5 Prerequisites  (downloadable MS Word link)

The 5 Prerequisites


Contemplation on Oneness Teachings

Spend time each day contemplating on Oneness Teachings. (Especially the webcast teachings on awakening each week.)


Become aware of self centeredness

The self cannot dissolve without seeing and discovering that it is by its very nature self centered. All that is needed is to just become aware of your self centeredness in each action throughout the day. There is no need to attempt to be non self centered.


True Listening

When listening to the other you are paying attention to what is happening within you without judgment. As you are listening, you will feel a want or need, this is what the other person is wanting or needing. True compassion naturally arises from doing this because you experience yourself as the other, their need is now your need.


Sat Karma

To do as many good deeds to make maximum number of people happy. To help out animals, humans and nature. To truly benefit, you have to have feeling and passion to help, it cannot just be a physical act.



To contemplate and realize the fact that you cannot exist as a separate entity, all life supports each other, everything is dependant on each other. You are one with it all. YOU ARE THERE BECAUSE OF EVERYTHING ELSE.

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