Oneness Bhakti Yoga for Blessing Givers

Click on Bhakti Yoga Sub Tabs for downloadable MS Word files for the 5 Prerequisites & the 21 Conditions.

"Bhakti" translates into Devotion. The Bhakti yoga as practiced by Oneness University is about a lot more than just devotion. Devotion is very important, but the Bhakti yoga is also a process designed to liberate ourselves from the mind. It's designed to remove the mental structures preventing one's awakening. There are 21 key conditions that keep one's mind held in place. Imagine each one is a rope tying our Consciousness to the mind. By cutting these ropes, Consciousness expands and Awakening can happen.

When a demolition expert takes down a building, he doesn't just nuke it into dust. Instead, he carefully places charges that blow up the building's supports. When these explode, the building naturally collapses under it's own weight. A Bhakti yoga done with the intent of being liberated from the mind works the same way. The 21 conditions are the mind's supports that the Bhakti blows up. With the help of the Divine during the Bhakti process, we're able to surgically target these conditions and initiate the process of Grace to remove them.

When attending a Bhakti yoga, here's what you'll need to bring:

• A notebook & pen

• Mats/blankets to lay comfortably should your process move you to the floor.

Before you attend, please print out and read the 5 Prerequisites for Awakening and 21 Conditions preventing it. As you read the 21 Conditions, take a few moments to note any that you're aware of in your life. Ask the Divine to heal you of these conditions when you attend the Bhakti. Please bring your copy of the 5 Prerequisites and 21 Conditions with you to the Bhakti.

This process is open to Blessing Givers only because Bhakti yoga process delves deeply into mental and emotional charges holding the mind in place. A Bhakti done with the intent to be liberated from the mind can be traumatic for those who are not prepared through the processes taught in the Blessing Givers course. It's risky for non-Blessing Givers to engage this process because the Bhakti yoga is not just about Devotion--which anyone can do in any church--this kind of Bhakti is about confronting and healing the deep-seated aspects of our minds that keeps our Consciousness small and our connection with the Divine distant. Thank you for understanding.


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Oneness Trainer
Comment by Oneness NM on July 19, 2012 at 4:37pm



Hi Donna,

These are the links.  The links on the website seem to be working fine on my computer.  If you put your curser on the Bhakti Yoga tab links for the two items drop down.  The links at the top of the Bhakti Yoga page itself are fro folks who have MS Word and want to download the actual document to their computer.


Hope this is what you need.



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Comment by Donna Daniel, Ed.D. on July 19, 2012 at 12:45pm

these links don't work - if they are indeed available, would someone here polease forward active links to me at, please?


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