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Oneness Trainer
Comment by Lyra Lawrie (Heddy) King on August 27, 2013 at 2:55pm

Lyra Lawrie King :  I am coming on Southwest to Albuquerque this Thursday August 19 at noon.  Since I am recovering still from spleen experience,though much better, I am wondering if anyone might be willing to figure out a way to meet me at Airport at NOON, and help drive me to Taos Plaza. Or Santa Fe even.  Call me at 808-223-7177.

Love and light,Lyra

Blessing Giver
Comment by Alicia Nation on August 14, 2012 at 5:21am

It's ONEderful to be among a group which focuses on a collective decision to participate in the awakening of humanity, without exclusion or exception. This is one of many ways  that ONEness Blessings and ONEness meditations are waves of grace on the planet.

Oneness Trainer
Comment by Oneness NM on May 18, 2012 at 1:30pm
Part 2 - Margo Baldwin Experience (printed in the Oneness Newsletter Edition 26)

Skip Miller and Mattias have been here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe , NM this weekend...a weekend of joy and ease...this has been a truly blessing-filled experience with them. Yesterday, Kalki was so present...in one OM his eyes were moving just as they had in the second floor temple large Kalki. Several times in the following OMs as we looked into each others eyes, i felt his gaze/presence and felt him looking through my eyes back to him. It was a stunning experience.

Today's experiences were even more stunning...while looking at Skip's eyes i experienced Kalki on his horse...the horse standing on his back legs...forelegs pawing the air...in another OM i experienced him as the Antaryamin in my heart...formless, cosmic...and i am crying with joy and gratitude.
I think of you often, Dear Tejasaji. My heart is so full of gratitude to you and all the guides for your beautiful seva. Love and joy to you.
Namaste, Margo

Oneness Trainer
Comment by Oneness NM on May 18, 2012 at 1:28pm
Part 1 - Margo Baldwin Experience (printed in the Oneness newsletter Edition 26)

Namaste Skip and Mattias,
It was such a joy to be with you this weekend; we hope you will come back to New Mexico soon and often. I am writing my experiences as you suggested and would appreciate it if you would forward this email to Tejasaji.
Namaste Tejasaji,
This is Margo Baldwin, from Santa Fe , New Mexico , USA ; we met in the October/November 2011 Deepening. My OM experiences are continuing to become more profound. The first was in the temple with the first female Oneness Being....my experience was..."OH, my God"...it was such a powerful experience of Kalki. So many awe-filled experiences happened during the Deepening...my heart has continued to overflow with gratitude ever since. my Antaryamin changed during the Deepening to my formless, cosmic Kalki....by the close of the Deepening i had melted fully into him.
I have been experiencing the OM with Dougji in Washington , D.C. , Denver , Phoenix and Sedona. Each time has been more powerful than the one before. Last week, April 18&19, Michael Milner came to Santa Fe . The first OM with him, when i our eyes met i experienced a total mutual recognition with Kalki..a smiling, thrilling awareness....that continued through the next three with Michael.

continued in part 2 (limit of 4000 characters per comment)

Oneness Trainer
Comment by Lyra Lawrie (Heddy) King on May 13, 2012 at 12:27pm

I'm wanting to give heartfelt thanks for the opportunity that I feel NM is providing not only for those of us here but showing all of our Oneness famity how a small group of people can come together in love and work together to create an ever-expanding circle of healing, sharing and connection.  I myself have been planning to come  "back home" for some time now, and although my experiences in caring for my family keep me in Texas for the moment, I am inspired by all of you in seeing that I am accepting and living the truth of the first principle "life is relationship". In seeing all of your joyful service, I am moved to be in surrender to my own.  Thank you all, and to Sri AmmaBhagavan, for your grace I have only gratitude. Lyra


Trainer & G.O.D
Comment by Peter DeBenedittis on April 30, 2012 at 10:34am

Just wanted to thank you for passing along the invite to me for Oneness Blessing.  It was such a wonderful healing thing to do for myself.  I really loved it and got so much from it. I still feel great!  It was interesting how profoundly deep the work was and at the same time so pleasurable.  Thanks again, 


Trainer & G.O.D
Comment by Peter DeBenedittis on April 25, 2012 at 4:52pm

My experiences with Oneness Meditations usually don't kick in until about a week after the events. This time was no exception. I was giddy like a small child while receiving the Blessings, but not much else took place that day. A couple of days later I was exhausted and could barely move. I simply lay down most of the day.

Then it kicked in. I woke up the next morning bursting with energy and knew my body had recalibrated to be in more constant connection with Divine Energy. I've felt the urge to go walking on the bike trail behind my home everyday and can't believe how this makes me feel. I get tingly and feel alive all over. The trees glow and I just get lost looking at the clouds or the horizon. I'm really loving this new found connection to Nature.

And on top of all this, my monkey mind has quieted down a whole bunch. Thinking is clearer and less repetitive. And when I work, I'm doing tasks in about half the time since I'm more efficient. Thank you God!

-Peter D.

Trainer & G.O.D
Comment by Peter DeBenedittis on April 25, 2012 at 10:58am

Once Rev. Milner arrived on to the podium, and started gazing one by one at the audience, you could’ve heard a pin drop.  There was a joyful expectation, “ Look at me!”
When he and I made eye contact, I connected deeply with him, as I felt my heart chakra activate and then expand and enliven.  Immediately, I moved into in a state of timeless, transcendental awareness, a place of ONENESS.  My mind/soul reached back to him with, “I know you, Father.”  I continue to feel the benefits of this a week later.
Thank you for creating this lovely opportunity to re-experience the TRUTH.

Oneness Trainer
Comment by Oneness NM on April 25, 2012 at 9:06am

Comment by Nathaniel 1 hour ago Delete Comment

I've done a number of OMs and each time my experience gets clearer and clearer.  This last week's Oneness Meditations with with Micheal Milner were something I am not sure I can explain in words.  His gaze was like a wave of love much like what I felt at times when in India in Sri Bhagavan's presence... brought tears to my eyes as I felt the enormity and deep silence of this presence...my presence.  I became aware of the smallness of all the thoughts and judgements running through my head as simply background noise...  seeming to have no relevance to anything real.   I am actually noticing that this experience is staying with me more and more.

Trainer & G.O.D
Comment by Peter DeBenedittis on April 24, 2012 at 6:26pm

The Divine Energy that came thru Rev. Milners' eyes was definitely felt as TRUTH that I am PURE LOVE.
I now use this experience as a TRUTH reference point when my ego begins to doubt it.
Love & Joy,

Trainer & G.O.D
Comment by Peter DeBenedittis on April 23, 2012 at 12:13pm

As with previous Oneness Blessings, my life once again went from "nothing is possible" to "everything is possible," not just in my mind and heart, but literally!  In going with this new flow of energy, doors opened like I’ve never seen before. 


It was profound at the time.  Not in the sense of anything dramatic but in the sense that I feel like I have been able to go deeper in meditation than I have for some time now.  I have been working on processing forgiveness among other things for the past two years and I got confirmation that this is what needs to be addressed now.  

A couple days after the Oneness Meditation I watched a short video by a Christian speaker sent by someone—I never watch those but did this one—she spoke of the story of Joseph in the Old Testament and then offered an affirmation: "I accept what may be intended to hurt me and open to the blessing in it God intends for me."  And I got it.  Finally :)  

I may not be quoting her exactly right but that was the gist of it.  I don't know that without the Blessing the openness to hear that would have been there.

Things have been a bit tight financially lately and I have had to remind my ego where my Good and Supply comes from—it has been a challenge.  Today I got some wonderful news that lifts a whole lot from my shoulders, making me very happy and grateful!!  I know where the gratitude needs to be directed and REMEMBERED right away!!!  Hallelujah!

The other prayers I have going are for increased clarity to live all that I 'know' moment by moment.  These are challenging times that push us all to our limits and it is needed more than ever.  I continue to ask for that. Perhaps that requires the rewiring.  So I am planning on [going to] both days of Oneness Meditations next week.  I need all the help I can get!!!!

Thank you so much for offering these experiences, making them possible for us all.


Oneness Trainer
Comment by Oneness NM on April 23, 2012 at 11:58am

Pure bliss!  That was my experience of the Oneness Meditation.  I had the image and feeling of flowing in the river of the divine while simultaneously being the river of the Divine.  The thought of ego moved into my awareness and then the thought, "Why would anyone make a choice for ego lead living when we could live in this bliss?

In Love,



The breathing exercise put me in an altered state along with all

the energy in the room. Then when I began to watch the person giving the blessing, I wanted to make contact with his eyes. Observing my consciousness, I noticed that I was feeling resistance. I wanted to connect to source and so I thought ‘oh, he's mirroring my divine self.’ Just then he looked into my eyes and smiled and shook his head yes, and immediately my crown chakra blew open and warmth flooded me. Also my vision was different. Afterwards, I was in a very altered state that caused me some anxiety. I got grounded after about 4 hrs. I will definitely continue to receive the blessings as I can handle it. I'm feeling like it burned the 1st layer of stuff off of me that doesn't serve me any more. I feel a little purer.



Wednesday night was a wonderful experience—I was aware of my third eye activating, too!  I will be at your meditations again for sure!




Thursday was a turning point in my life...

The morning started with a spontaneous call with a medical intuitive – her suggestion was daily breathing meditation to open my chakras, allowing kundalini to flow, embracing the Shakti. Of course it would take a big shake up to wake up. The Divine didn’t wait long, within moments of the phone call I received a text from my friend inviting me to the Oneness Meditation Blessing that afternoon.  “Sounds nice”, I thought having no clue what this was about, I went to the 3 pm gathering.

The Meditation was explained, and within the first few moments of hearing how to participate, I was so excited….

Breathing – Chakra – Kundalini – I just heard these words and knew my life had opened to something extraordinary.

The love pouring through Rev. Milner’s eyes was so healing, I could feel years of emotional stress leaving. The energy in the room was blissful.

Suddenly everything was magical.  So much so, that I went to the evening meditation as well.  I’ve been wanting something in my life without really knowing what was missing and suddenly, a whole community has appeared to remind me, Divine Love is available right here and right now.  I am truly grateful.



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