Liberation Sutra


Sri Amma Bhagavan’s vision has always been to liberate humanity totally and unconditionally. As an expression of this passion, Sri Amma Bhagavan wrote many years ago this sutra (meaning: mantra verse) called the Liberation Sutra.

This Sutra you can find recorded and sung by Oneness Being Narasimha Kumarji from the Oneness University’s own Music Studio.

You can also find a deeply meditative version of this Liberation Sutra recorded and sung by Anette in the CD “Presence of Grace”.

Below is a description and explanation of the mantra.

Liberation Sutra:

Moksho Nama jeevasya vimukthihi, yethasmaath
Indriyaanaam vimukthihi, yethasmaath
Ahankaaraat vimukthihi, yethasmaath
Manaso vimukthihi, yethasmaath
Gnayatasya bandhaat vimukthihi, yethasmaath
Samskruter bandhaat vimukthihi, yethasmaath
Samajasya bandhaat vimukthihi, yethasmaath
Karmanos bandhaat vimukthihi,
Ithi satyameva Satyam Satyam
Ithi satyameva Satyam Satyam
Ithi satyameva Satyam Satyam

English translation:

Liberation of life
Liberation of the senses
Liberation from the self
Liberation from the mind
Liberation from knowledge
Liberation from conditionings
Liberation from society
Liberation from work

This is the truth.

Liberation of life

Existence’s basic nature is bliss. It includes various qualities such as love, compassion, union and silence. The human mind is full of concepts, ideas, conditionings and different mental structures. Sri Amma Bhagavan says, “When the mind is cleansed of all contamination, the remaining is Life, pure Consciousness or God.” Therefore, Sri Amma Bhagavan defines Awakening or Oneness as “Liberation of Life.”

Liberation of the Senses

Broadly speaking, Awakening is to “experience life”. The ancient, sacred texts defined an enlightened person as someone who had control over their five senses. According to Sri Amma Bhagavan, Awakening is rather to relieve sensory impressions from the mind’s grasp. The mind, with its judgments and comments, meddles in every sensory input and makes everything dead and lifeless. Without involvement of the mind, a sort of declutchment, the human nervous system is capable of experiencing bliss through every sensory input, whether it is sight, hearing, smell, taste or touch. The mind is important part of our existence as long as we are not governed completely by its programming. The person whose senses are liberated therefore goes beyond the mind and experiences life directly through sensory impressions.

Freedom from Self

Ego is the sense of separation. When there is “me” and “the other” fear arises – fear of what the other can do to me. Out of fear is born a fight for survival, comparison, jealousy, hatred, etc. “The self is only a concept,” says Sri Amma Bhagavan. A concept is something that does not really exist in Reality. It is an illusion.

Freedom from the Mind

The usual view of freedom of the mind is the mind stops and you go into a state where there are no thoughts or the mind is transformed and you experience more freedom and peace of mind. The freedom of the mind, Sri Amma Bhagavan speaks of, is none of these. It is the cessation of effort to get rid of or change the mind. Then you are free “with” mind. The mind, with its contents, exists independently from you and help you with the practical things in life, but do not bother you when it comes to the experience of life.

Freedom of Knowledge

When Sri Amma Bhagavan speak of freedom from knowledge, it is freedom from the grasp of knowledge and not the knowledge itself. When knowledge is not transformed into an experience it becomes an obstacle to getting the experience you seek. Knowledge has become an obstacle to experience life and becomes a burden and a prison. Therefore, it must cease.

Freedom from Conditionings

Man has created the ideas of communism, capitalism, gender, nationality, religion etc. for centuries. These ideas and concepts have their own lives and personalities. They use you to survive. They will enter you as an intellectual concept and color every experience in life. Freedom from conditioning does not mean that you have no ideas or concepts, but it is to be free to choose from current experience when it comes to practical decisions in life.

Freedom from Society

In the end, man is bound to the concept of “freedom”. He believes that freedom is achieved by going against the current system or social norms. “Freedom” is essentially an internal state where you no longer are based in fear. Then there is no suffering or opposition to any structure. Freedom is not to rebel against something. There is an inner state of consciousness that has no opposites.

Freedom from Work

Sri Amma Bhagavan differentiates between activity and action. Activity is an escape from an inner, existential emptiness sensation or pain. This is done to achieve a purpose. You are working, traveling, cooking, cleaning, praying, because there is a psychological need behind that need to be satisfied. The action is there as a destination or a purpose on a physical basis, but not psychologically. The experience is an end in itself. It arises from an inner state of joy and freedom. While the Awakened one also works, he/she is free from the suffering of the work.

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