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Margo Baldwin, PhD.
P.O. Box 6606
Santa Fe, NM 87502
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505-661-4886 Los Alamos Office
I began receiving the Oneness Deeksha in 2004, and was astounded by the power of the Grace flowing through the Deeksha!  As time passed, wonderful experiences led me to travel to the Oneness University-India, in January 2006, to become a Oneness Deeksha Giver.  That initiation opened me to a level of service I had not experienced before.  After offering the Oneness Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) weekly and several trips back to the Oneness University, I was initiated as a Oneness Trainer in January, 2010.  This profound gift of being a vehicle for the Divine creating Oneness Blessing Givers here in our home country has been a humbling experience.  In October/November, 2011, I attended the 28 Day Deepening Process at the Oneness University-India.  There are no words to express the deep gratitude I feel for the profound transformation that was initiated in the Deepening Process.  Returning to the Oneness University in October 2012, I became permanently awakened.  Being of service to the Divine is the reason I am on the be an instrument among so many to facilitate the awakening of humanity.
Nearly a million ordinary people world-wide have shifted into permanent states of Awakening with more experiencing this permanent neuro-biological shift every day.  Join me and several other Oneness Awakened Deeksha Givers, certified by Oneness University-India, for Oneness Awakened Deeksha.  Receiving the Oneness Awakened Deeksha and Oneness Meditation are the two most effective experiences to facilitate your awakening.  There is nothing for you to do but come with your questions about awakening, relax and receive the Grace of Oneness Awakened Deeksha, which will lead to a change in perception that ends the experience of the  the over-active conflicted mind, separation and suffering to be replaced by the living experience of Oneness and non-duality. 
Blessings and Joy,
Margo Baldwin, Oneness Trainer
Zelda Cantrell
Crystal, NM (Novajo Reservation)
706-499-1733 - cell
Cynthia Corbett
Mountainair, NM
Peter DeBenedittis, PhD.
Santa Fe, NM
Media Literacy for Prevention, Critical Thinking, Self-Esteem
2079 Camino Lado
Santa Fe, NM 87505
phone: 505.471-8437  fax: 505.471-8859  cell: 505.670.9797
Cassandra Fischer
Albuquerque, NM 

Amari Gold

Santa Fe, NM


I came to Oneness in the Spring of 2010 when the first global webcasts from India began.  We were dancing then in all hours of the nights and mornings to raise our kundalini. I enjoyed those days dancing with friends in sacred space in the company of Supreme Intelligence! 

My trip to India occurred in February/March of 2012 where i became a Oneness Trainer, and attended 2 weeks of the Deepening Course.  Since then i have facilitated and participated in numerous Oneness Awakening Courses, each time learning something new and going deeper into the awareness of suffering that exists within and pain i have caused.  This always comes with great relief from inner turmoil.

I have been involved in the healing arts since the early days of my life, and have studied and practiced many different healing modalities; Shiatsu massage, Tai Chi, Essential Oils, Flower essences, Gemstone Energy Medicine, Reiki, Food as Medicine, the underlying causes of illness and imbalance, and healing with medicinal teas and sell awareness. I spent 20 years with my first Spiritual Teacher, Warren Gold, who was also a friend, mentor, and profound healer to many. We married 4 years before his passing in 2004.

These days i enjoy my work in Sound Healing, retracing the wisdom of ancient civilizations that understood the mystical healing power of sacred sound. I invite you to visit my website,, for more detail about how i use my voice to optimize spinal alignment resulting in greater health and spiritual awareness.  

PS:  Come to Oneness!  It’s free, it’s powerful, we play great music, and it’s purpose is to help us to access our higher brain.  Really now … who doesn’t need that?!


Sandra Jean (Trainer-GOD)
Palominas, AZ 85615
(520) 266-0007

Tracy Juechter
Santa Fe, NM
Lyra Lawrie King
Gratitude is my guiding light.  Since going to my first 21 day process in India during  March 2007, I have seen such growth in myself.  Going deeper into the process of becoming a trainer led me to experience the desire to serve other as myself.  Oh yes, I still have the twists and turnings; only now it all seems beautiful. Or at least worth a good chuckle. Life is made whole by simply allowing the unfolding of it.
Santa Fe, NM

As a child I was aware of the suffering.  I was aware of the pretend where things were made to look happy.  My prayers were for those in hospitals, those starving & those abused.   I thought I could somehow fix it all and took jobs in the health care arena for years.  I studied public health and eventually graduated from the Yale School of Medicine, School of Public Health.  In time, through my experiences with the Transcendental Meditation Program, I came to understand that only through a shift in consciousness could things really change.  Then, later on, I came to understand the importance of listening to my feelings and the imperative of opening space for my emotional body to evolve, by bringing my own suffering and pain more fully into my acceptance.

Then I met Sri Bhagavan.   His dream to end the suffering was the same as mine.  His approach incorporated so many of the things I had come to know about… yet the direct transmission of grace via Deeksha and OMs were new and powerful experiences for me.   I loved how he included the divine in everything we did…in every moment.   My gratitude for Sri AmmaBhagavan, along with my other teachers, is beyond what I can easily express in words.

So…. I’ve been to Oneness University for the four-week deepening process in India twice and the three week Journey with AmmaBhagavan in recent years. In October of 2012 I participated in the Trainer’s course at Oneness University.  I have developed and currently maintain the Oneness Community of NM Website, The NM Newsletter, the Sacred Chambers scheduling, and the NM Oneness Facebook fan page. 

The I am grateful for the things I have been lead to do, and The Presence that I feel with me.  I look forward to seeing an end to the suffering, and the full healing of our beautiful planet.

Blessings to all,



Susan A. Lynch
Truth or Consequences, NM
Jane Ramos
El Paso, TX & Las Cruces, NM
Joan Summerhays
Taos, NM
Steve Wallick
Santa Fe, NM
Robert Ray Wiles
Santa Fe, NM
Robert Ray recently returned from a trip to Oneness University in India.  There he had impactful darshans and deekshas from an acknowledged Avatar name Sri Kalki Bhagavan.    While there he completed the Oneness Trainers course and has actively presented teachings and courses for the Oneness phenomenon.
Robert Ray, who today is called Ray, has been on a path of  Light since he was born.   His many studies have led him to investigate and become proficient in the languages of Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Intuition, I-Ching, Tarot, Hindu Ritualism, and  Divine Presence.  Ray also writes , stories, poetry, and articles on these transformative times about health, wealth, and relationship.  He offers counseling and healing work in these areas as well.   Ray has traveled the western United States for the last 14 years giving talks, readings and healings,  and presentations on any and all of these topics.
Ray is now an active certified Oneness Trainer, offering free deeksha circles, open to everyone,  at his home every Tuesday at 7:00pm.  720 290-5984.
In this transformative world of inner discovery Ray currently is offering training and guidance to discover your inner mystic and divine, for those who love to explore their bond with the Divine and their inspiring purpose to shine.  
Visit to see Ray's most current events.  Thank you!
Alana Woods
Albuquerque, NM

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