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Announcing a new Internet based radio station, ONENESS.FM. The heart and brain child of Rev. Patricia Keel, this new platform for world-wide distribution of the Oneness Phenomenon aired its first show on Thursday, May 28th at 2pm. The station will eventually feature show hosts from around the world, who themselves have become deeply involved in sharing the Oneness Blessing and spreading the vision and energies of Oneness University in india. ( Check it out. Click the link below and it will launch the player for LIVE 365. The station is onenessfm


Oneness radio is available 24 hours a day and can be accessed via the above link and also the tab "ONENESS RADIO" at the top of our Awakening To Oneness website.

This internet station includes inspiring interviews, oneness music, and blessings twice an hour.  Our tab is set up to open in a separate window so you can surf the internet, do your email or simply play in the background.

The Oneness Program is Internet Radio and More

Oneness Program launched in 2011 – 24 hour internet station devoted to Oneness. Launched by Oneness trainer, Patricia. Receive TWO Oneness Blessings in each hour. Tune in day or night 24/7. Click Here to Listen Now. ONENESS.FM. YOU CAN LISTEN ON YOUR COMPUTER, ON YOUR IPOD.

Listen now, podcast the interviews, download anytime. Go to Archive Radio Shows on the right.

Click here to see Broadcast ScheduleMy Broadcast Calendar

This site was originally launched to share a weekly Live Oneness Program radio show based in San Francisco that Patricia and her partner Roy Doughty hosted. As of February 2010, Elizabeth and I hijacked the site to promote our regular Oneness Awakening and Deepening Courses. The Oneness Blessing, or Oneness Deeksha as it is called in India, is the transmission of divine energy through intention, words, eye contact, presence and, most commonly, through a laying on of hands. We invite you to participate in our program, to become a Oneness Blessing Giver and to expand this Grace and state of Oneness in your life and in the world.

Patricia was initiated as a Oneness Trainer in January, 2010, and along with Elizabeth Schwerenka and other Oneness Trainers is offering courses to initiate Oneness Blessing Givers in the United States, as well as deepening courses for current blessing givers. See the list of courses on the right on the homepage.

Visit the Oneness Program archives at Radio Programs to listen anytime on the web.

We invite you to listen to Patricia’s new Oneness Station, to listen to The Oneness Program on, to receive the Oneness Blessing and to participate in Oneness Program classes, workshops and events to deepen your awakening to the Presence. We are in a time of great global transformation, as more people experience the Oneness Blessing, the energy becomes more powerful on the planet.

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