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 Public Oneness Blessings by Location - Deeksha



The Oneness Blessing or Deeksha facilitates and accelerates the process of awakening. Over time, it quiets and calms the mind. It creates a permanent neurobiological shift in the brain, so you can experience increasing presence with "what is" in all of yourself and your world. The Oneness Blessing is not a belief system, a spiritual practice, a philosophy or religion. You can still practice whatever beliefs you like.  It can deepen the experience of your own faith.


Santa Fe Oneness Blessing Meetings

Sunday evening 6:30pm  A weekly Chakra Dyana meditation & deeksha meeting is being held at the home of Ray Wiles. (720-290-5984).  If you wish to get on the mailing list or receive directions for that group please call Ray or email Belinda Berse at . 

Wednesdays 6 PM Ananda Mandala Meditation. 6 - 8 PM Oneness Teachings & Blessings. Tracy & Peter D's. house. Call for directions: 471.8437

Tuesdays from 5:30 to 6:30 PM,   Non-guided (music playing) silent meditation so that people can do as they choose, golden ball, etc:  Bob & Karen's - Call for Directions, 505-424-3527.

Albuquerque Oneness Blessing Meetings

Sunday morning at 10:00AM we have a heart circle. Albuquerque Oneness meeting in Martinez Town near downtown  - Buck Rhodes and Virginia Stephenson - 244-0777. Please call for directions. This is a deeply felt and oneness practice of being with all in the circle as we check in and as we present our authentic needs to each other. As we do this we feel a connection of non-dualism. This is followed by deeksha. Please call Buck for directions or questions: 505-244-0777.

Monday evening,  6 - 7:30pm - 2928 Dakota Street North East, Albuquerque, NM 87110.  Call Kathy Cunningham @ 505-883-3601 or 505-980-7124 for directions.   


Thurday Evening - 6:00 - 7:30pm, Doe Bennett, 299-4945, 1829 Dorothy N.E. (4 blocks west of Juan Tabo, north off Indian School Rd.) no perfume, cologne or natural essences please.  ALL ARE WELCOME!

Alamogordo Oneness Blessing Meeting

The weekly Deeksha Blessing Circle at the home of Sharon Weaver is suspended from Nov 3rd 2014 until the new year. On Sunday, January 10, 2015 it will resume at 6:30pm.


In Alamogordo, every Sunday evening 6:30-8:30pm, We have an active group of Oneness Blessing Givers who meet weekly at 1423 Ohio Ave. Alternating Ananda Mandela and Chakra Dhyana meditation followed by Deeksha Blessings.  Contact Sharon Weaver at  or 575-430-1557 for directions or further information.


Placitas Oneness Blessing Meeting


Looking for a new Placitas location since Jan moved away.


T or C Oneness Blessing Meetings

June 2014

I am going to travel this summer and need to put a hold on the Blessing events information on the web page.  My last Blessing will be Thursday July 3rd and the monthly Sunday Blessings will also be on hold for the summer.


Weekly on Thursdays at 4:00 PM- 575-894-0563, 905 E Joffre, Truth or Consequences 

The 3rd Sunday each month at 10am - 409 Kopra, Truth or Consequences - For information and/or directions call 575-894-0563.


Taos Oneness Blessing Meetings

* *All Oneness Meetings in Taos are on hold until further notice* *

Blessings are being given at the Living Center on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 10:30 am. Call first: 505-901-1316.  The weekly gathering on Weds. at 7:00 p.m. is being held at a new location: 522 Coronado, Taos, NM
Directions: From Paseo del Pueblo Sur, go up Cruz Alta (by Walgreens), turn right onto Calle Conquistador, take first left onto Coronado --4th house on right.
Call Joanie for questions or directions: 505-901-1316

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