These are the terms for participation as a member in this website.*

1. Oneness - This site exists to support and promote the mission and vision of Sri AmmaBhagavan in awakening the hearts and uplifting the consciousness of humanity by the year 2012.  All members are asked to be in alignment with this basic premise.  To be a "Deeksha Giver" or "Oneness Blessing Giver" means you were initiated under the direction of Sri AmmaBhagavan and the Oneness University. To be a "Oneness Trainer" means that additionally you have attended the 10-day Oneness Trainers Course at the Oneness University in India.

All references to "Oneness" in the remaining paragraphs and throughout this website are as described in this first paragraph.

2. Refrain from self-promotion - This site and its contents (excepting the Classified Listings section) are not to be used for the promotion of any individual, business or social cause. While there are many good businesses and social causes, this site may not be used for their promotion.   An exception to this is in the Classified Listings section where advertisements or listings by members of this website are permitted subject to the approval of the website administration.

Members are also welcome to post their personal or business website address on their My Page, and perhaps say a short paragraph about what they do for a living, nothing more.

3. Proper use of site resources - It will be deemed improper to upload photos, videos, or to create content such as Blogs or Forums which are of a personal nature not directly related to Oneness, or are intended to promote or support a business or social cause (excepting the Classified Listings section).  Examples of proper and improper use are as follows:

Events - Oneness events of any sort are good. Events promoting a business or social cause, not good.
Photos and Videos - Photos and videos of you giving deeksha, or hosting a oneness event, or your travels to the Oneness University are perfect. A couple of family pictures on My Page are ok.  A video promoting your business, a big no-no.
Blogs and Forums - As long as your content pertains in some form or fashion to your direct experience of Oneness, the Oneness teachings, the Oneness Deeksha, or the Oneness University and its affiliated courses it will be okay. Ranting about how your spouse treats you like dirt, probably not so much.
Groups - Most groups will be allowed, be it location based or united by a common cause. What is not allowed will be for members to join groups for which they fail to share the common interest under which the group was originally created, or to join a group merely to promote themselves, their business or social cause.

4. Use common courtesy - Visitors and members are asked to use common courtesy when interacting and communicating with others. As an open social network, we want everyone to feel welcome. As such, the use of profanity, harmful acts, solicitation (asking others for money, goods or services) or illegal activities is prohibited. This is also not a dating site.

5. Website administration reserves the right to remove or edit any content which has been posted to this site which it deems inappropriate.

Failure to abide by these terms can result in suspension from this website.

* * * * *

Deeksha Givers and Oneness Trainers - It is suggested that Deeksha Givers and Oneness Trainers provide a complete profile of themselves on their My Page information. People may be searching for others living near them so they may receive the Oneness Deeksha or become a Deeksha Giver. Having a nice picture of yourself with your complete name and a little about how you got involved in Oneness will be helpful.


*With some variation these Terms are partially duplicated from the World Oneness Community website

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