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What is the Three Chamber Process?

from Doug Bentley DEC., 2013

As you all may know, throughout India for the past four months, there have been Oneness Centers holding the 3 Chamber Process. This is a very special process where amazing miracles, profound healing, and seeing & speaking with their personal Divines has been happening to thousands of people.

How the 3 Chamber Process works is there are three rooms: the first room is a meeting hall, the second room has a pair of Padukas for Healing, and the third room has the Sri Murthi for the Divine to become physical for the participant. 
A group of people may arrive together to the Oneness Center and meet in the fist chamber / meeting hall, and individually each person would then go into the 2nd Chamber with the Padukas and then the third Chamber with Sri Murthi.
We are now accepting applications from active Oneness Trainers in USA / Canada who have completed all four weeks of the 28 Day Deepening process who wish to conduct the 3 Chamber Process in their homes or in their Oneness Centers.
You will need two rooms available which can be used solely for this process. These rooms cannot be used for any other purpose. You can use one larger room and partition it into 2 rooms, however it is best to use two rooms.This Sacred Process must be held for free, this includes not accepting any form of donation.
If you would like to conduct the 3 Chamber Process in your home or Oneness Center, please click on the link below to fill out and submit the form. All requirements needed in order to conduct the 3 Chamber process will be on the application form.
For further inquiries, please write to us at 
If you get chosen for the 3 Chamber Process by the Divine, you will be informed and will need to travel to Oneness University to undergo a special initiation process.

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