A couple of weeks ago the Oneness Trainers were asked to fill out a questionnaire about our Vision for us being a Oneness Trainer. This was timely for me and caused me to look deep and see that I feel part of the Kalki Army and the Golden Age. I wrote this on my answer sheet. The next week it was my birthday and the day before my birthday when I was celebrating with my work friends I was at a food court in San Francisco where I am friend with the custodian who works there. He was showing me photo's he took of his new puppy and also showed me this photo which he took of the skies in the San Francisco Bay area. This friend does not know anything at all about Oneness. I was pretty shocked and did not know how to respond, thinking this may mean that a my friend may be interested in Oneness? But later I realized it was a sign to me of being in the Kalki Army!! Miracles shared multiply!! and this is quite a miracle for me. Jai Bolo Kalki Paramatma Bhagavan Bhagavhti Ki Jai!!! from Prem Wichman ❤️

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